K2 – All in One IoT Unit

The all in one IoT unit extracts data from multiple sources within the connected vehicle which can them be transformed into actionable business insights.

The K2 IoT unit is used for extracting data from the connected vehicle
in order to turn it into actionable business insights. The K2 can connect to multiple components within the vehicle including OBD or CAN bus, external sensors, sender wire, and Dallas Key or RFID for driver identification. Containing a built-in accelerometer, SIM card, and GPS connectivity, the unit can gather valuable data which is transferred to Galooli’s server for reports and dashboard analysis.

Key Benefits
•   All-in-One
•   Connects to Every Key Component of the Vehicle
•   Fully Integrated

Value Proposition
•   Track and Trace
•   AI Based Driving Score
•   Driver Behavior
•   Theft Prevention – Immobilizer
•   Battery Health
•   Fuel Management
•   Engine Diagnostics
•   POI and Geofencing
•   Smart BI Dashboards
•   Customized Reports
•   Configurable Events and Alerts
•   ADAS (Adaptive Driver Assistance Systems) such as Mobileye, MoveOn and more
•   Driver Identification